Account Manager Trainee, Business Insurance

Rogers & Gray Insurance
Kingston, MA

Rogers & Gray is looking to home grow our own! In 2018, we initiated a new program that would feature the strength of our R&G Academy in our efforts to hire culturally aligned, talented service staff.

Our Client Manager Trainee program is designed to hire those candidates who are solid cultural enhancements, but simply lacked significant insurance experience. In its infant stage, four new hires entered the program and have followed a formal training program with the expectation that they would become licensed insurance professionals at the end of the training cycle. These individuals will spend up to a year guided thoughtfully by our internal trainers, who also act as cultural ambassadors, ensuring a higher quality of training, while still accommodating your individual needs and the agency’s business objectives.

We have graduated our first round of trainees with tremendous success and are ready to re-open our search for a new group of fantastic candidates!

You might be right for this role if:

  • The idea of being paid to learn thrills you to the bone.

  • You are committed to exceptional client service – people and relationships are what brings you joy in your workplace.

  • You thirst for opportunities to better yourself professionally – you MUST be coachable if you want to play with the team.

  • Multiple people in your work history have described you as flexible, adaptable, and confident.

  • You look forward to the opportunity to share and present information to your clients and your team.

You might not be right for this role if:

  • You have not worked in a professional setting and a customer-facing role for more than 2 years.

  • Attention to detail, abstract reasoning, and analytical thinking are not identified as significant weapons in your professional arsenal.

  • You think you know enough already.

  • You are not willing to travel within our geographic footprint for the full training period and ultimately for the final landing place for your Client Management role.

If this sounds like you, we want to know you! Kick start the application process by submitting your resume today. We are looking to fill this role by the end of October.